Female Friendly Capsule Hotels in Tokyo

In recent years, Tokyo has seen a significant rise in female-friendly capsule hotels, catering specifically to the needs of solo female travellers seeking safety, privacy, and comfort. These innovative accommodations not only provide a secure and welcoming environment but also offer amenities tailored to women, ensuring a pleasant and hassle-free stay. Here's a guide to some of the top female-friendly capsule hotels in Tokyo, where comfort meets convenience in the heart of the city.

What Makes a Capsule Hotel Female-Friendly?

Female-friendly capsule hotels in Tokyo go beyond offering a basic sleeping pod; they are designed with the safety and comfort of women in mind. These hotels often feature separate floors or sections exclusively for female guests, equipped with secured entry to ensure privacy and safety. Additional amenities may include women-only lounges, high-quality beauty products, and larger capsules designed with female travellers' needs in mind.

Top Female-Friendly Capsule Hotels in Tokyo

1. Nine Hours Woman Kanda

Located in the convenient Kanda area, Nine Hours Woman Kanda is a sleek and modern capsule hotel exclusively for women. It offers a minimalist design with capsules that prioritize privacy and comfort. The hotel provides high-end toiletries, including skincare products, making it an ideal choice for women looking for a luxurious yet affordable stay.

2. The Millard Tokyo Nihombashi

The Millard Tokyo Nihombashi takes female-friendly accommodations to the next level with its elegantly designed capsules and women-only floors. Security is a top priority, with key card access required for entry. The hotel also offers a range of amenities tailored to female travellers, including quality hairdryers, beauty products, and a comfortable lounge area.

3. Capsule Hotel Transit Shinjuku

For female travellers exploring the vibrant area of Shinjuku, Capsule Hotel Transit Shinjuku offers a safe and stylish resting place. The hotel features a women-only floor with beautifully designed capsules, providing a cozy and secure environment. Amenities such as personal lockers, complimentary beauty products, and a female-only lounge area make this hotel a top choice for solo female travellers.

4. Akihabara Bay Hotel

Akihabara Bay Hotel caters exclusively to female guests, offering a sanctuary in the bustling district of Akihabara. The hotel boasts spacious capsules, high-quality amenities, and a range of beauty products for guests to use. The women-only lounge and dining area provide a relaxed environment to unwind after a day of exploring Tokyo.

The Benefits of Staying in a Female-Friendly Capsule Hotel

  • Safety and Security: With secured access and women-only floors, these hotels offer peace of mind for solo female travellers.
  • Convenience: Located in central Tokyo, capsule hotels are close to major attractions, making them a practical choice for exploring the city.
  • Affordability: Capsule hotels provide a budget-friendly alternative to traditional accommodations without compromising on comfort and amenities.
  • Community: The shared lounges and communal areas offer opportunities to meet other travellers and exchange tips and experiences.


Female-friendly capsule hotels in Tokyo offer a unique accommodation option for solo female travellers, combining safety, privacy, and comfort with the convenience of city-centre locations. With thoughtful amenities and women-only spaces, these hotels ensure a pleasant and worry-free stay, making them an excellent choice for women exploring the vibrant capital of Japan. Whether you're in Tokyo for business or leisure, these capsule hotels provide a modern, secure, and comfortable base for your adventures.