Japanese Trains With Foot Spas

In Japan, a country renowned for its innovative and efficient railway system, the journey is as cherished as the destination. Among the myriad of train services, those offering foot spas stand out, providing passengers with an unparalleled travel experience that combines scenic views with the ultimate in relaxation. This article delves into the concept of Japanese trains with foot spas, showcasing how they offer a unique blend of comfort, scenery, and the art of travel.

The Concept

Japanese trains with foot spas, known as "Ashiyu Trains," are a testament to Japan's commitment to comfort and hospitality. These trains are equipped with communal foot bath facilities, allowing passengers to soak their feet in warm, soothing water as they gaze out at the passing landscapes. The concept marries the traditional Japanese love for hot springs (onsen) with the nation's rail technology, creating an experience that is both indulgent and culturally insightful.

The Trains

The Toreiyu Tsubasa

Operating on the Yamagata Shinkansen line, the Toreiyu Tsubasa is perhaps the most famous of Japan's foot spa trains. It features six cars, including a foot spa carriage that allows passengers to unwind with a foot bath while enjoying views of the picturesque Japanese countryside. The train also offers a sake bar and tatami seating, enhancing the travel experience with touches of Japanese tradition.

The Izu Craile

Serving the stunning Izu Peninsula, the Izu Craile offers a luxurious journey with its foot spa carriage positioned to provide expansive views of the coastline through large windows. The train's elegant design and comfortable seating make it a popular choice for those seeking a relaxing escape to one of Japan's most scenic regions.

The Experience

Boarding a train with a foot spa is more than just a mode of transportation; it's an invitation to slow down and savour the moment. As the train winds through mountains, cities, and along coastlines, passengers can immerse their feet in the warm water of the foot baths, easing the fatigue of travel while soaking up the beauty of Japan's landscapes. It's an experience that appeals to both domestic and international travellers, offering a unique way to enjoy Japan's natural and cultural heritage.

Planning Your Journey

  • Reservations: Seats on foot spa trains are highly coveted and must be reserved in advance. It's advisable to book early to secure your spot, especially during peak travel seasons.
  • Etiquette: To ensure a pleasant experience for all, passengers are expected to follow certain etiquettes, such as washing their feet before using the foot spa and keeping noise to a minimum.
  • Accessibility: While these special trains run on specific routes, they are integrated into Japan's extensive rail network, making them accessible from major cities and travel hubs.


Japanese trains with foot spas epitomize the country's innovative spirit and deep-rooted appreciation for relaxation and hospitality. They offer a travel experience that goes beyond mere transportation, providing a space for rejuvenation amidst the hustle and bustle of exploration. Whether you're a railway enthusiast, a lover of onsen culture, or simply in search of a unique travel experience, Japan's foot spa trains promise a journey that is as soothing to the soul as it is pleasing to the eye.